You are Anton, an ant. Your ant colony has sent you to salvage all the remaining diamonds from its abandoned diamond mine. The mine consists of several caves that are connected by doors. Once Anton has collected enough diamonds in one cave, the door to the next cave opens and Anton can continue there. The work in the caves holds many dangers since the diamonds often are buried under sand and debris. Therefore, Anton has to be very cautious not to be killed by a falling rock or diamond or buried under a cascade of stones. Ants are very strong beings, though. They can often carry objects exceeding their own body weight. Thus, Anton is able to push away single stones to get to the buried diamonds. He is even strong enough to heave any amount of stones or diamonds should that become necessary. Since the ants left the mine, many other creatures have populated this deserted place and they are obviously not too happy about this ant "dropping in" to turn everything up side down. Therefore, it is not surprising that Anton has to fight not only against the perils of physics, but also against the inhabitants of the cave. Unfortunately, Anton cannot simply ignore them because he relies on their help to collect as many diamonds as possible. The ants installed several security devices and traps to protect the mine from looting. Unfortunately, this happened so long ago that nobody remembers those devices and Anton has to look out for them, too. There are however devices that help him to make and to cut diamonds.

In the mine, Anton will meet with the following:


Diamonds want to be collected.


A stone is a round thing. Since Anton can push stones from place to place, they can be employed in many different ways. No enemy can get through them or destroy them. But be careful! Stones are harder than Anton's head.


Bombs are very instable objects. Even the smallest tremor can ignite the fuse). Should this happen in Anton's immediate vicinity, he has to make sure to keep a safe distance. He can push the bomb away though, if that should be necessary.


Beetles are very dumb but dangerous insects. Their movements can easily be predicted. However, contact with a beetle is fatal for Anton. Unfortunately, beetles often appear in swarms. But these little creatures have one advantage: they explode very nicely, should they happen to be hit by a falling stone.


Silverfish are closely related to the beetles. So, it is not a surprise that silverfish are not among the most intelligent insects, either. They have got a very useful quality, though, that makes them an attractive game.


As all Butterflies, admirals are very good-natured beings. They are only dangerous for Anton when there is a head-on-collision between Anton and an admiral.

Green Amoeba

The green amoeba is a friend of Anton's. It allows him to touch it and all it wants is to grow and to spread out. But this unlimited growth will lead to its death whereupon it will transform itself into stones. If Anton somehow succeeds in stopping this growth completely, it will turn immediately into diamonds.

Fire Amoeba

In contrary to the green amoeba, the fire amoeba is a real nuisance since its only aim is destruction. It spreads out without limits and burns every diamond that happens to be in its way. Anton's only way of winning over this monster is to hinder its growth.


Be careful! Nothing is as crafty as a spider.

Trapdoors and keys

To open a trapdoor, Anton needs a key which has to be collected before.


The exit opens immediately as soon as Anton has collected enough diamonds. The door leads to the next cave.

Gray Wall

The gray wall can be blown up.

Red Wall

The red wall is indestructible.

Golden Wall

Unlit, the golden wall looks exactly like the gray wall. But if a stone or a diamond is thrown onto it, the golden wall starts to glimmer and to glitter and turns all stones into diamonds. But be careful! It also transforms the hitting diamonds in stones and should all the space under the golden wall be filled up with stones and diamonds, they disappear and cannot be rescued. But because walls are human, too, the golden wall soon loses interest in its work; it stops immediately and cannot be persuaded to start again.

Vertical and Horizontal Expansion Wall

It looks like the gray wall and expands, if it gets a chance to do so.

Segments of Walls

Single segments of walls can get separated from their walls and can therefore be moved like stones. It cannot be seen though which segments are movable and which ones are not.

Conveyer Belts

A stone or a diamond which falls onto a conveyor belt will be moved to the right or to the left. But be careful: Anton, too!

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last update 10/18/99

created by Volker Schrödter